Höst, restaurant in Copenhagen.

Designed by the Scandinavian team Norm Architects and Danish MENU, Höst is a restaurant in Copenhagen that specializes in contemporary Nordic cuisine. The award-winning space mixes wood, bricks and concrete and is decorated with throws, chopping boards on the walls, mismatched chairs, and plants all coming together to create a cozy atmosphere.

An absolute must for dinner, Höst is situated in the heart of Copenhagen

Micheline Guide:

Busy neighbourhood bistro with fun staff and a lively atmosphere; sit in the Garden Room. The great value monthly set menu comprises 3 courses but comes with lots of extras. Cooking is modern Nordic, seasonal and boldly flavoured.

Höst is probably one of the must places to check out for a dinner if you appear in Copenhagen, especially it’s situated in the heart of the city.

All photographs courtesy of Host

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