Hotel Montana by Vincent Darre

La Montana was a popular Parisian jazz club in the 1950s. Nowadays Hôtel Montana in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, marking the first hotel project of Vincent Darré, Parisian Interior designer. One can easily trace his surrealistic signature in the design on Hotel Montana, evoking a cast of iconic personalities past and present including Christian Bérard, Jean Cocteau, Pierre Le-Tan and Le Corbusier.
Darré approached the brief in his usual audacious maximalist manner. Thus he casted each floor in a wildly different theme inspired by some of his favorite Parisian artists and figures.

“Wherever you travel in the world, hotels always have the same decoration. So I wanted this to feel like you are actually in Paris,” says Darré. “Like an eccentric friend gave you a key to his apartment. They’re very Gainsbourg, A little naughty… But I think the people who stay in this hotel are a little rock and roll.”

All photographs courtesy of Montana Hotel

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