Hueso restaurant in Mexico

Hueso restaurant is situated in a refurbished 1940s building in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was design studio Cadena + Asociados. Macabre design of this place is created by thousands of bones situated on the walls of the restaurant. “Hueso” means “bone” on Spanish.

“The design approach begins with creating a double skin,” said the studio in a statement.

“On the exterior, a clean artisanal, handmade ceramic tile covering with a graphic approach protects the inside skin layer, which becomes more organic and full of texture.”

“Inspired in a Darwinian vision, the inside skin covers almost every vertical square inch of the interior with over 10,000 collected bones,” said the team.

Doused in a colour palette of off-white, ivory and bone with timber tables and dining chairs anchoring the space, this 70 square metre space packs a visual punch with the restaurant itself becoming a living, moving work of art.

Photography by Jaime Navarro.

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