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7 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

If you have young children, then the bathroom is not going to be the private sanctuary it once was. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a place where you can grab a few quiet moments to yourself. A small bathroom can make such a negative impact on a home which is why small bathroom designs are so important. Spending time and effort to make your small bathroom look bigger will not only add value to the price of your property, it will lift the atmosphere too.

Would you like to know how to make your small bathroom look bigger? There are loads of different ways to improve the look of the space. Here are my favourite 7 affordable interior decorating tips:

7 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: contemporary and minimalistic

Source: Vallely Architecture

  1. Keep it contemporary and minimalistic

Remember décor makes your room cosier but eats space. Even details like mirror frames, handles and taps matter. Make sure you have chosen your accessories in line with your overall minimalistic look.

7 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: colour contrasts


  1. Avoid strong colour contrast

If you still go for contrast try to make it delicate: something like thin borders, less rich pattern on a feature surface etc.

7 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: bright lighting


  1. Use bright lighting

Not only is bright light important so that you can see what you’re doing when shaving or apply makeup in your bathroom, but it also helps to make small bathrooms look bigger.

Bathrooms can sometimes be quite dark, so a proper, well-thought out lighting plan is even more important. Bright light can help to open a space up and make it look bigger, but that doesn’t mean all the light needs to come from one source.

To make a small bathroom look bigger, design a thoughtful lighting plan where a grid of ceiling lights ensures every corner is illuminated.

Ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: install large mirror


  1. Install a large mirror

Make that great lighting count with a large feature mirror to open the space up even more! Mirrors add loads of extra volume by creating the illusion of additional space. Large mirrors can be pricey, but they offer a very good return on investment – providing a fantastic option for vastly improving the look and feel of a bathroom.

Guide to make a small bathroom look bigger: floating vanity and wall mount WC

Source: ‘TIL the end studio

  1. Use a floating vanity and wall mount WC

Small bathroom designs benefit from all the space they can get. This is why it’s an effective tip to attach your bathroom vanity directly to the wall, instead of having it sitting on the ground. This opens up floors space while offering a sleek, modern alternative to bulky traditional vanities. A little modification like this can make a large impact when making a small bathroom look bigger.

Try to use natural or neutral painted wood when choosing vanity units. Dark wood units create the same feeling of heaviness as bulky traditional vanities.

Ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: glass shower panel


  1. Install a glass shower panel

By now, I’m sure you understand the general methods for making your bathroom appear bigger. Instead of closing the space off, making it even smaller, with a solid shower curtain or panel, we want the eye to be able to see into the shower, maximising the space of the bathroom. For this reason, I recommend using a clear shower panel, although, for more privacy, a frosted glass door is also an option.

Ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: use tiles to your advantage


  1. Use tiles to your advantage

Did you know you can visually expand a narrow room with the size of your tiles and the direction that you lay them? Horizontal tiles work to visually push walls apart, making a narrow room look wider. This trick works much like a striped t-shirt that can make your body look wider (horizontal) or thinner (vertical). Larger tiles, with fewer lines can also make a room look larger.

Try to use the same tiles on the wall and on the floor, as it creates the feeling of a room with no corners and enlarges the space.


Renovating your bathroom is one of the best investments you can make for your home and it needn’t be expensive. Whatever your budget, Krikla can help.

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