So this was my conversation with a fellow builder:

Builder: I don’t understand how clients want to just strip down the whole house when I come for their inspection. They request a full comprehensive quote will all the bells and whistles. But when it comes to approving it, they decide to simply touch up and hire a local painter instead! It feels like such a waste of time.

Me: This is, unfortunately, a pretty common occurrence and I know the reason why. People generally have no clue as to what a construction project costs. They dream of refurbishing their home but actually have no intention right now. So when they ask you to quote they haven’t really made up their mind yet. They just want to understand how much they can actually afford it.

Builder: How can we better this situation?

Me: The good thing is that there is a solution. If there is no one to develop the initial negotiation stage between you and the client, I would suggest both of you using one useful tool.

Builder: What do you mean?

Me: I can imagine how much of a complicated job it is to arrange these visits and then processing all the quotes for it. So instead of that, we use one magical document to solve it all…I call it my “Room Description”.

Anyone wishing to refurbish their home and unable to judge the affordability to do all this can just fill the form once. Yes, it will require you do a bit of homework, but then you are done.
Send this form to as many builders as you wish to check out the prices. No more visits need to be arranged. If your quote is too high, just eliminate the jobs which are not a priority for you and try to fit the rest into your budget.

Oh, by the way, here is the KRIKLA – Room description template

And don’t forget to add the area of each room.


Good luck with your refurbishment project!

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