Family Interior Design: Transforming Your Bedroom on a Budget


The realm of family interior design tends to focus on the communal areas of the house, as this is where we spend most of our quality time together. What’s more, the kitchen, lounge and bathrooms are open to visitors and therefore usually echo the personality of the family.


But, the interior design of the primary place of relaxation is often overlooked. A carefully designed bedroom is essential for busy families who are run off their feet all day. Clever interior design is therefore crucial for achieving a perfect sleeping environment and promoting a restful slumber. We spend a whopping third of our lives sleeping, so its time to redesign your bedroom space with some key tips in mind.


Bedroom Interior Design


Bedrooms, however, can provide a challenge for designers. Issues such as minimal square footage, problems with storage and functionality often crop up. Decorating bedrooms can pose a unique challenge but can also be a great opportunity to incorporate some creative flair into your family interior design. To get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled four Krikla bedroom designs to inspire you to rejuvenate your bedroom interior.


To get started, think back to a most memorable holiday and images related to those places or particular rooms you have seen on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.


Now let’s see how we can translate these into the interior design of your bedroom.


Inspiring Interior Design


We are going to take a look at four-bedroom designs by Krikla. Bedrooms for most people are a personal sanctuary. So for each client, different things take prioritisation. For instance, the following client requested cream walls to enhance the natural light and promote a sense of calm, so we created a design around a neutral palette.


family interior design


As you can see the design journey begins by sourcing inspiration. Initial design inspiration can come from everyday experiences or other London interiors.


This particular bedroom décor is soft and calm. This room posed a challenge with its small dimensions. The furniture is limited to a king size bed, one bedside table with a table lamp and a narrow chest of drawers.


With black and white cushions, the room speaks to the fabric design seen in the Greek beach image. To complement this further, we added a group of etchings above the grey headboard and some photographs on the opposite wall. For some pops of colour and personality, we used aqua details with the luxurious bedspread and side table lamp. If you need further guidance with complementary colours, textures and shapes have a look at how we match pieces together before we buy them to give you some ideas.


Our Top Tips


So, if you’re thinking of re-inventing your bedroom space on a small budget we hope this has inspired you. Take away our top tips to get you thinking about transforming your family interior design today.


Some top tips to easily transform your bedroom:


  • Group art pieces: paintings, drawings, photos or posters above your headboard.
  • Try to match your decorative cushions to your artwork.
  • If your colour scheme contains three colours, then divide them into the following ratio: 60/30/10. Decide which colour will be used as the background and which ones as the accent.


Or if you’re interested in seeing how we can help take your design to the next level, check out our various design packages to see what suits your family interior design requirements.

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  1. Ideally, the bedroom should be noise free. The Cozy environment is a must for a sound sleep. Pendant lights with LED bulbs look great in the bedrooms. They spill the delicate illumination over the area. This is an amazing post immensely helpful for budget decorators. Thanks.

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