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Find affordable interior designers in London

You’ve found your ideal colour palette – or have you?

And you are confident the beautiful furniture pieces you’ve picked out will work together – or will they?

How about the price of that new lounge suite – it’s a good deal. Isn’t it?

With the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, there is plenty of interior design inspiration at our fingertips, great creative tools that nurture the interior designer in all of us. For this reason, you may not need the full suite of services that an experienced interior designer in London offers.

I have noticed the majority of clients can successfully identify their ideal interior using tools such as Pinterest, but they struggle with sourcing pieces similar to the ones they found in an image. Although Pinterest provides a great source of inspiration the information on products is still very limited.

On the other hand, time is always an issue. Helping busy families – working parents with kids – to create their dream homes, I face the same situation at the beginning of each project: time deficit and stress is how life stands without the addition of an interior design project or refurbishment that which require lots of thinking, sourcing and decision making.

Krikla’s affordable design packages have been specifically created to encourage a collaboration between yourself and an interior designer. Our primary goals are to prevent you from being overwhelmed, while also saving you time and money – whether you’d like to furnish, improve or refurbish your home!


What makes Krikla affordable interior designers in London?

You may ask yourself how we save you money?  Let me tell you:

It all began by helping a friend on a tiny budget to furnish her new flat in Marylebone London when we discovered an interesting approach to interior design costs. To be precise, we discovered how to offer our clients affordable interior design services.

Instead of charging by the hour or square metre (as is the industry standard), we decided to offer her a fixed package for her low fee. The package included everything she needed and nothing that she didn’t.

From furniture, light and electrical layout to design concept, shopping list and even personal shopping, we gave her everything that she needed without any hidden charges. You can have a closer look at the process of how we work by watching our video.

Our packages mean that you only pay for the services that you need. You may only need:

  • Help to identify your style
  • Incorporating the chosen style into your room
  • Sourcing the right pieces for a reasonable price
  • Match existing pieces with the new ones
  • Budget the project according to your financial ability
  • Order and monitor deliveries

If you need it to take a step further, we will:

  • Draw a furniture, light and electricity lay-out
  • Create a 3D visualisation
  • Prepare scope of works to obtain builder’s quotation
  • By building a package to suit your precise requirements, you only pay for what you need.


What does it cost to hire an interior designer?

The interior design packages we offer start at £300 then £450 and the largest package is £700.

Here’s what each interior design package includes:

1.   Furnish (£300)

  • Initial Visit
  • Design concept – this includes two revisions.
  • Shopping list
  • Personal shopping

2.   Improve (£450)

  • In addition to the services offered in the Furnish package (above), this package also includes:
  • Furniture and Light Layout, including 2 revisions.

3.   Refurbish (£700)

The largest package we offer, the Refurbish package includes everything available in the Furnish and Improve package, with the added benefit of:

  • 3D Visualisation
  • Detailed scope of works with materials specifications.

Would you like Krikla to help with your next interior design project? As affordable interior designers in London, we have fantastic packages to suit your exact needs.

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