Making the Most of your Affordable Interior Designers: Holiday Inspiration Part Three

Turn your dream interior into reality by making the most of your affordable interior designers’ talents. We all know how getting the ball rolling can be a challenge. To get your creativity flowing why not give our tried and tested technique of using holiday photographs a go?

In Parts One and Two we looked at the process of taking inspiration from fun activities and outings to spark initial design ideas. You’ll be pleased to know that in taking out your camera and capturing the moment you already started the creative process. Collaborating with an affordable interior designer takes it to the final interior finish. Let’s look at how to use elements from your photos and incorporate them into your design to add some energy and revitalise a tired space.

Using Your Inspiration

Looking at my photos from Theoule-sur-mer in the southern region of France I will break down the creative process. To get started I usually jot down a few bullet points about the main components of the image. If you get stuck think about the colours, textures and shapes. Then move onto the memories of the image and what senses it evokes. Do you remember a particular smell or taste?




We are experts in the conceptualisation phase. Building on your ideas, we tease out the main components and redefine your space. Let’s get started!



And voila, my perfect match is ready, time to source for pieces: Safavieh Lukas Armchair




Safavieh Lukas Armchair – £599.99


Vida XL Coffee Table High Gloss White – £162.99


Niina Pechkovskaya Pink Parrot Poster –  £14.95



Catalan Sofa Sky Blue – £1,199




Flamingo Table Gold Finish Vibrant Pink Table Lamp – £89



Melana Small Side Table, Pink – £119


Wall paint – Dulux Baton


Collaborating with Affordable Interior Designers

We at Krikla understand that busy families are strapped for time. Not only that, but the role of your house is everchanging, so transforming it can be an arduous process. Making the most of your affordable interior designer by passing your ideas over can be a great way to get started. Offering a range of interior room design packages, we have something to suit all families.

We like to think of the process as a collaboration. Sometimes our clients come to us with a thousand ideas and sometimes they have none at all. What we have found works best is when clients take the time to think, consider and develop their ideas. This way they can offer an established concept and we can bring our knowledge, expertise and experience to the partnership.

This is where making the most of your affordable interior designer’s time comes into play. Allowing them the freedom to apply their minds to conceptualising and optimising the given interior space, based on your initial ideas and tastes, means you’ll get the most out of their years of experience. To find out more get in touch with your future interior designer!


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