How to use everyday inspiration in Affordable Interior Design

Inspiration for affordable interior design can be sourced from many places. We can find the magic in everyday experiences like walking through the park to work. Tune into the colours that make you happy, the shapes that articulate peacefulness and the textures that feel homely. This way you can build an affordable interior design concept inspired by the everyday.

But to really accomplish the personalisation that a home deserves, where better to look than your own photographs? What we choose to capture on camera speaks volumes about what we find aesthetically pleasing. Repurposing these images as a source of creative inspiration for your interior design concept is an easy way to add personality.

Using Holiday Photos in your Affordable Interior Design

Holiday photos are a fantastic place to start. Many of us use family holidays as an opportunity to capture happy memories all together. So, taking inspiration from these photos, we can weave personality into the very fabric of your affordable interior design concept.

Our aim at Krikla is to help clients incorporate style and colours they have in mind in their properties to create their ideal interior. Utilising your personal photo library, your ideas can be shaped with personalisation at the heart of the concept. Additional tools such as Pinterest and Instagram are an amazing way to catch glimpses of other people’s design ideas, inspirations and layouts. But to truly make a house a home a touch of personalisation is key.

Below you can find examples of how to match a photo with room interior design. Be sure to then make the most of your interior designer and utilise their knowledge to find you the perfect furniture and finishing touches.

Case 1. Seaside Night walk


I picked these two photos from my library and made a search on Pinterest for grey-blue and brown interiors. I picked one out of many incredible interiors that appeared on my computer display.

Choosing my favourite images such as this, I am ready to source the pieces for my desired look. Taking elements such as the muted browns, blues and whites, I sourced pieces which use the complementary colour palette to transform holiday photos into an interior design.



Case 2. Pastel beach

This photo was taken at a hotel in the South of France. This geometric photo has a retro glam feel which opens up a realm of possibilities for an interior design concept. This image holds particular visual interest and exemplifies how juxtaposing lines, shapes and forms can inspire your interior design concept.

Taking the sense of old French glamour, I found this image of a dining room space, ideal for a family home refurbishment.


My selection of interior design pieces for that eclectic interior is as follows:

We hope this experimentation with family holiday photos as inspiration has inspired you to incorporate a touch of personalisation to your affordable interior design concept. At Krikla, we believe the yearning for beautiful homes is increasing. But at the heart of our mission is the understanding that we are co-authors in your dream story. By balancing your creativity with our design professionalism you can make the most of your interior designer and we together can build the interior space you’ve always envisioned.

Be it terraced house decorating ideas, apartment space optimisation or bathroom design, we bring affordable interior design to help busy families transform their properties into homes. Take a look at our portfolio for some further inspiration or browse our interior design packages, available to suit your budget and needs.

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