If you are a lover of colours like I am, then this post is for you. I always try to encourage my clients to follow their instincts (which in most cases can be buried deep down).

Refurbishing your home is a huge challenge – you have many rooms… you like so many colours but don’t want your home to look like a colour carnival! But in the same instance, you don’t want to play it safe with the same boring shades everywhere.

I’ll show you how to find the best colour solutions with these tips:

  1. Pick your three favourite colours.

Designers always suggest picking three colours and then dividing them into ratios of 60-30-10. One is the main colour and other two are complimentary colours.

There is a theory of complimenting colours you can use, but I suggest not sticking to that. There is no set rule for colours to work together. What I do is try to balance the cold and warm tones rather than the colours.

  1. Buy sample tins of paint before going for the full-size tin.

When you go paint shopping, you will suddenly realize that there are many shades of your favorite colour. This will probably raise the question of which one to pick. Buy a sample tin instead of the full-size tin (if some manufacturers don’t have sample sizes, rather go with a 1 litre tin instead).

I suggest getting as many shades as you can. The colour catalogue is very handy, but the colour printed on paper can have little resemblance to the real one and not always an accurate gauge.

  1. Ask your decorator to apply all the colours on the wall (or walls).

Check how they match with the rest of the finishes: wooden floor, carpet, tiles, fabric samples etc. If you don’t want to try your paint colours on the freshly plastered walls, get some thick cardboard (30cm x 30cm at least) from Rayman and paint them.

  1. Apply colours cautiously if your house is old.

When refurbishing an old house or a flat in an old building, please bear in mind that walls edges and corners are not always straight. If that is the case I suggest using an off-white colour on the walls with windows and doors. You can use any beige or grey as well if you apply them on the wall, as well as windows and doors.

Bold colours will only amplify all the unperfect lines. If you still want a bold colour, find a feature wall in your room and paint it differently from other neutral walls.


Good luck with your refurbishment project!


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  1. A nice place. It’s a pity that the title photo is not focused on the painting with the skull. I love this unique Spanish style 🙂

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