What does it mean when we say we will help implement your room design?

It means we simply take all your “ingredients” (some of which you might only have one and others plenty) and use them in your project.

Where is your value then?  You would ask.

Why should we hire you if we already have all “ingredients”?

The 1st  reason is the recipe: Some dishes are prepared differently using the same ingredients.  So, you would expect an experienced cook to satisfy you, rather than an amateur with the recipe book in hand?

The 2nd  reason is the price:  Here’s an example – my client brought the sofa and armchairs for his new living room from his previous house. He showed me a coffee table, a sideboard, a fireplace frame and a mirror he wanted to buy. Looks like the room is set, there is nothing to do for a professional interior designer. But the pieces he found don’t fit his budget. Of course, he found his “fish” in the local Marks and Spencer instead of traveling far early morning to the market to get a kilo of fresh fish for the price of one 🙂

The 3rd  reason is in the detail: I call them sauces. These touches make such a huge difference. The same client had all his large pieces for the room. But the room couldn’t be finished without the rug, curtains and decorative cushion. The choice seemed easy and straightforward until you approached it. This is an extremely creative process to link all the furniture pieces (picked by someone else) in one logical image. Taking into consideration that my rug/curtain/cushions had to be not too neutral, not too bright, have a pattern, but not too dominating and cost reasonably of course. And most importantly – it should bring flavour to the whole dish!


Good luck with your refurbishment project!

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