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You’ve been thinking about your future interior design look a lot already but feel the more you think about it the more you hesitate? There are so many amazing options to suit so many different tastes and my guess is that you can’t decide which one to choose. Even worse than your indecision is that you have no idea how to combine different features and furniture inside one room.

Don’t panic!

I would like to share a very simple but very effective tool with you to help you put your thoughts in order.

  1. The first step is to get a piece of paper and write down “My Ideal Home” at the top of the page.
  2. Then draw a vertical line dividing your page in half.
  3. Now name your first column “What I DON’T want” and second column “What I DO want”.
  4. You’re now ready to get started on your “Pros and Cons list”.

Lists like this are really useful in helping you make up your mind. By listing all your likes and dislikes in one place, making a decision becomes much simpler. The list helps to remove emotion from the decision and you will see more clearly.

I always recommend listing what you don’t want first as this is something we usually know more easily.

Here’s an example that I created for you. Feel free to use my suggestions as inspiration for your own likes and dislikes or use your own!




interior design to do list

As soon as your list is ready it will be much easier to focus on your specific interior design needs and work out the perfect result faster.

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