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Interior Design Packages: The Evolution of Your Design

As with all good things, interior design is a process. Creativity must be fostered, inspiration must be sought, Pinterest must be consulted – and that’s all before putting a pen to paper and deciding on a brief.

Incorporating our clients’ ideas is paramount to the realisation of your dream interior. A collaborative interior design process like those offered in our three packages may seem like a difficult feat, but it is a surprisingly simple and fluid process.

As we receive a lot of queries on revising design concepts, we have decided to shed some light on the process.

So, what happens if you want to make changes to the design concept? Simply put, we revise and adjust to get the best result. We have compiled the following case study to demonstrate the process in greater depth. If you’re still searching for more information, we’ve put together a simple video of how to work with us.


Interior Design Packages: Case Study

London Interiors: A Living Room in a One Bedroom Flat

The Brief:

Initial client’s requirements:

Style – Contemporary

Colour scheme – White, Grey, Black

Finishes – Leather, Lacquer, Metal


Interior Design Concept 1

The process begins with an initial visit to the client’s London interior space. Taking measurements and getting a feel for the potential of the space, we then consider a range of ideas and produce a visual design concept. If you’d like to know more about how we do this, then read about how we come up with new ideas for interior spaces.

In this case, using the client’s requirements we utilised a muted colour scheme with some brown highlights. Incorporating contemporary textures and simple shapes, the design makes use of vertical elements with the tall curtains and standing lamp to give the impression of a higher ceiling. Considering this is a living room for a one bedroom flat, the designer has used a minimalist approach to reduce clutter and maximise the feeling of open space.

Need some help finding inspiration for your space? Read about how you can use everyday inspiration in affordable interior design.


interior design services


After sending the design concept to the client, the next step is to listen to their feedback and look for amendments. Communicating honest feedback is essential to get a greater understanding of the client’s preferences.

Using the comments, the designer can adjust, revise and re-envision the space based on the likes and dislikes that perhaps weren’t clear during the initial consultation. Making amendments and taking on board the new information, the designer can complete a second draft of the design concept.


Interior Design Concept 2


interior design services


As you can see, the client liked the layout but wanted to see a different approach with the colours and textures. Using a grid format of print posters and repositioning the curtains we proposed a different use of the space.

Once they had seen the second design layout, the client expressed their desire for a focal leather sofa. With an alteration as large as this, we decided to complete a final design concept.

As you can see, the process is fluid, evolving and flexible allowing you to incorporate new ideas as they arise.

Final Design Concept 


interior design services


The client was very happy with the final design concept. Once the final draft was agreed upon, we then matched the bespoke design concept to the measurements of the space, presenting it as 3D drawing. This simple design drawing visualises the space from above, taking into account the direction of door openings and light from windows.

Once this is all ready, the real fun can begin! Shopping for the items requires some investigative skills – finding the best furniture to fit the required budget. Using the design concept as a loose template, we might find that some pieces are replaced by less expensive substitutes in order to bring the vision to light without breaking the bank.

Each of the three interior design packages we offer include personal shopping and furniture pieces presented on a simple shopping list. When agreed with the client, the items can be bought, and the design concept can really take shape.

What’s Next?


So, there you have it. A breakdown of the evolution of the interior design process. At Krikla we work alongside you to breathe life into your ideas. As many clients worry about the redevelopment of design concepts, we hope this case study showcases the element of flexibility that comes with your chosen interior design package.

Have you still got questions? Why not get in touch or get a quote to see how we can help today.




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