Top Interior Design Services for a Stress Free Project

In life we all want to get the best value for our money – and the realm of interior design services is no different. Home refurbishments can prove a costly endeavour but choosing an interior design package can redefine the process.

The relationship between an interior designer and a client is an exciting one. In previous collaborations in our portfolio, we have seen creativity flourish and some amazing home refurbishments brought to life. That is thanks to the fact that we are forging a new direction with our interior design services, leading the growing trend in affordable interior design.

Instead of overcharging and under delivering, we manage client expectations and deliver the best results possible.

Our three packages are broken down into the following categories:

  • Furnish
  • Improve
  • Refurbish

Understanding that busy families require a service which meets high expectations with budget fitting solutions, we have curated our interior design services to provide value for money. With our expertise, knowledge and skills we can help you bring your vision to life. What’s more – we now provide a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!


What can you expect from our Interior Design Services?


Let’s take a closer look at our most affordable package: Furnish. Most suitable for small projects, clients usually select this package if they are looking to transform a space and need inspiration, creativity or guidance to ensure the project is stress and worry-free.


With each package we provide the following:

  • Design Concept with two revisions
  • Shopping list

A standard room interior design package with an affordable, fixed price is a great opportunity to hire a talented interior designer to create a home design concept at the price as a consultation. We also include two revisions of the design concept to ensure that every detail is perfected. Whether you’re looking to maximise the space in your bathroom, decorate your children’s bedrooms or completely rehaul your whole house – we are here to help.

What if you want to make changes?


We know that with a collaborative effort there is a chance of miscommunication. We are all human. You might find that the first design concept sparks your inspiration, or you find a key focal piece of furniture on Instagram which might change the whole dynamic of the room. That’s where the power of revisions comes into play.

Utilising this, we are able to fully change or slightly polish any alterations of the design concept or shopping list. In our experience, two or three revisions are enough to create a concept that both designer and client are happy with.


Get Started Today


If you have an abundance of ideas in mind and want some expertise, knowledge and support, we are here to help. Check out our top tips to get started on your home renovation to ensure your space is ready.

We are so confident that we will give you a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the final design concept. To get started, request a quote or book your consultation with us today.

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