Transforming your holiday photos into your dream London Interior: Part Two

If like me, with the changing seasons you crave transformation, using your holiday photographs to inspire your dream London interior may be the next thing for you.

If you live in London, weekend adventures to the charming Kent coast are most likely on your to-do list. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city in search of quaint coastal towns and delicious fish and chips is how many of us dream of spending our weekends. Not only this but exploring new places inspires you to bring seasonal transformation into your home.

Transforming your London Interior with the Changing Seasons

Now, as summer becomes a distant memory, towns such as Whitstable become even more enchanting. So why not incorporate some of this magic into your interior? Whitstable itself stylistically resonates with those in favour of minimalism or industrial inspired aesthetics. A coastal adventure here is sure to inspire creativity and shape some design conceptualisation for your London interior, and we are going to look at how.

Looking back at my own recent adventure, I’m going to draw inspiration from everyday surroundings for an envisioned transformation of my London interior. Looking at the juxtaposition between subtle colour and grey tonality, I will search online for some interior spaces to use as a starting point. With pastel beach huts clash with heavy industrial materials as inspiration, I will incorporate clashing materials and textures to transform my space.

Using Photographs to inspire your London Interior

To inspire London interiors to do the same I have selected four photographs. The first pair of images reflect minimalism, so simplicity is certainly key here. The second set utilises a slightly more robust industrial aesthetic with clear-cut lines, industrial textures and bold materials. I will use these to inspire the design concepts for my envisioned interior.



Having looked closely at my chosen photographs and their key elements I am ready to seek out design concepts online. Instagram is a fantastic tool to find popular London interiors and beyond. But here I’ve used the creative visual platform Pinterest to seek design inspiration. Still stuck? Take a look at our interior design advice for family home refurbishment for some more ideas.

Inspired by the soft tones, I searched for a selection of grey, black, pastel blue and pink interior spaces. I was drawn to the following images for their bright, crisp whiteness. Delicately balanced with texturised patterns and strong pops of colour it creates a bold interior.


Colours are distinct but minimal, with a selective and reductive palette creating cohesion. With these key ideas in mind, the next stage is selecting and sourcing the key pieces for my London interior space. Although this can take time and needs some keen investigative skills, ultimately the process allows you to refine your design concept and gradually build your dream interior. If you’re really strapped for time, learn how to make the most of your interior designer and see how we can help with the design process.


As you can see, statement pieces such as the Wing Leather Occasional Armchair have been chosen to provide visual interest against the muted greys and pinks. Throws and cushions are incorporated to add texture and give the interior space a cosy homeliness.

To add another dimension of personalisation, you can also print and frame your own photographs. This is an easy way to add some personal character to your interior space whilst instilling a warm family feel. Read about our other great tips on getting started on your Home Refurbishment.

What’s next?

So here are some tips to help you transform your London interior. If you are struggling to source the furniture, refine your colour palette or balance the space more broadly feel free to get in touch with us. We specialise in helping busy families transform their properties into homes and have helped many London interiors do just that.


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