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I bet you have kids and are planning to refurbish your home? Not difficult to guess because you are looking for advice on this page.

Maybe you are inspired by cute images of nurseries and teenage rooms from Interior Design magazines and Pinterest. Before you make your decision, I’d like you to think of a few things and then make your final decision.

Whatever age your kids are, these little people grow so fast.

If your refurbishment project is expected to last more than 9 months, you need to think how different your child will be by the time the project is finished and consequently how long the chosen room theme will last.

Being a mum of three kids I must say they start to develop strong personalities at the age of 8. And it is hard to make them wear what you like and decorate the walls with something you picked, based on your tastes. No way!

…think more about functionality, rather than decoration.Dasha

It doesn’t mean you can’t design a great room for them but think alot about functionality for their kids room décor. And try to keep it as simple as possible and as neutral as possible, avoiding strong colours, patterns and themes.

The reason I am suggesting this is because I know it’s not possible to keep up with the ever-changing trends, from year to year, that they are following and eventually outgrowing. Like beliefs, celebrities, quotes, interests and so on.

Instead, try to focus on storage: plan enough space for sports equipment, school files, clothes, arts and craft. If space allows, try including a decent sized desk in your child’s room. Remember the desk space is not used only for homework, it is also a great display surface for the personal treasure collections.

A display shelf is a must to have in a kid’s room. Everything displayed is either a memory, an achievement or items representing their personality. So, don’t try to hide them away. Display them!

I would recommend investing the biggest part of your kid’s room décor budget in storage and spend less on furniture and fabrics. I hope your children are tidy and careful, but that is not true for many parents, including myself. Be prepared to change the kid’s room furniture at some point or to refresh it by repainting and reupholstering.

And always remember kid’s rooms are their source of inspiration, motivation, optimism and willingness to conquer the world. Would you like them to feel that way?

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