Eclectic House of the Month - Ghislaine Nassif and her Art Society

Eclectic House of the Month – Ghislaine Nassif and her Art Society

An Exclusive View Into the Home of The Curator, Collector and Designer & A Great Conversation About Art and Style.

“My decorative style is a direct reflection of my journey in life, and I love to see the evolution of the space as my lifestyle changes, and whatever my passions might be at the moment.”

Ghislaine Nassif’s home is also the centre of her salon style organisation The Raven Society, serving the artistic community and known today as a creatively kinetic epicentre for the arts. Ghislaine is an originative tour de force who began her career in fashion, followed by a time working as an interior designer.



“My first vision for the Raven Art Society for it to function as an art gallery, but also a salon where creative people can enjoy and participate in events.”

Always close to art and artists, and an avid collector of art and objects of all kinds, Ghislaine wanted to create an environment that was different from the standard gallery space, which often can be alienating or intimidating. She says her collecting is informed by not only the emotional connection she has for certain pieces, but her love of diversity that has grown out of her experience:




I grew up in Morocco and have always enjoyed the Moroccan market and its mixture of influences. As someone who has lived in many countries, and come from a dual cultures, I have amassed a collection of art, antiques and objects from the various places I have travelled.

Today, innovative Ghislaine organises monthly exhibitions for the Raven Art Society at her home in Battersea – an amazing eclectic space and an extraordinary expression of her distinctive and well-loved sensibility. A true believer in collaborative initiatives, Ghislaine wanted her space to reflect the close relationships she had developed with artists, and to be an open and free celebration of art and music.


Ghisalaine follows in the footsteps of one of the first home art salons in Paris in the home of the American writer Gertrude Stein/ Stein’s welcoming to creative people in a space away from the traditional French salon style and academic institutions and rules set an important model for the private collection and cultivation of unknown and Avant garde artists. Stein’s space was host to art world luminaries such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Guillaume Apollinaire and Marie Laurencin. Ghisalaine says: “Living with Art Feeds the Soul.”


She has lived in Battersea for about fifteen years, and as true Battersea girl loves living along the park and she is very familiar to the local community. She welcomes the changes that Battersea has been seeing recently.

“Although it stays a very family orientated area, it now has many restaurants and local shops and is starting to attract a young and diverse crowd. Raven Art Society is pleased to be part of these transformations and is eager to see the Battersea power station finished.”


In addition to partnerships with Caius House, a Battersea youth centre, Ghislaine Nassif continues to initiate new ideas for collaborations between her artists and the community’s youth. Other community ties include work with the well-known artist Carinthia West who has earned prestige for her iconic shots of the Battersea Power Station and is subject of a special exhibition at the society.

The summer show of the 2015 included three artists Sarra Badel, Ronan Salaun (Fifi), François Domain and Matt Sherratt in a unique exploration of texture and space.


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