Do you believe that an interior designer can be a generalist and work in any style? To be honest, we don’t.

Every person (including interior designers…) has their own taste and preferences that inevitably leads them to certain choices.

Their experience, makes them believe a certain process, gives a certain result.

While we provide a full multistage refurbishment service, our passion is in decor, in particular. This is the value we can bring to your project as long as you like our style and what we do. Check out our portfolio, Krikla style page and Instagram account to get a better idea.

We work for those who want to come home and be inspired every day.

We create interiors, which serve as a source of energy.

We value timeless interiors which are fun to live in and where identity comes to the fore.

Our mission is to help clients express themselves through decorative solutions.

Krikla Interior Design in London