About us

Is Your Home You?

Odd question? I guess it is, but we prefer to think of it as a starting point.

Your home should be a little piece of you. Your style showcases how you want to live and is as individual as you are.

Here are two big, important secrets from the world of interior design I want to share with you…

  • In your home, you are the interior design trendsetter.
  • Nothing you really like is ever out of style.

As interior designers, our job is to inspire you to be you. Let your home tell your story.

We are here to shake up your creativity and take it to levels you’ve never dreamt of... Oh boy, are we going to have fun!

Why use Krikla Interior Design Services

How we got started

We spent years dreaming about doing what we loved, then not doing it.

In 2014 we leapt full time into the world of interior design, the moment felt right: if not now, then when? It was ambitious and thrilling; we loved it.

As entrepreneurial newbies, we took the most complicated and toughest challenge possible and started by offering an affordable interior design online service that would turn the world of interior design upside down.

It didn’t.

However, it gave us some fantastic experience, successful projects and happy clients. But something was missing…

We wanted the freedom to express our creativity and focus on home-style development from scratch, rather than trying to squeeze the most out of a limited budget and limited time.

So, a complete change of tack. We would do what we loved.

We love eclectic, mixing rather than matching. Antiques, modern furniture, ethnic decor, crafts, photography and contemporary art.

We love colours and patterns, the humour of objects with a strong narrative component and we know how to use our ‘toolbox’ to create rooms that will make you sit and stare in wonder. Yes, it is still your home, and it’s now you…

We wanted to push the boundaries further, focus on properties we knew. Terraced houses.

We’ve lived as a family spread over their four or five narrow floors, we’ve designed so many we’re experts in their idiosyncrasies. We know the budget you’ll need to refurbish them, the obvious expenses, and the hidden ones.

We’re intimately aware of what every stage of the process will cost, from building development to interior design and on to construction.

They’re what we love the most and know the best.

So here’s the deal…

One thing we are absolutely certain of, excellent design makes a difference to your life.

Life is too short to accept characterless and colourless homes when you can be inspired and happy every day.

Are you an experimenter who loves colours and patterns?

Someone who yearns for an aesthetic, who values a casual home, who likes the concept of a ‘status free luxury’ that makes your home elegant without breaking the bank?

Are you ready to take the plunge, refurbish your home and transform it into your dream?

We can help.

Who are Dasha and Olga?

With a degree in finance, Dasha is the problem solver. Her accounting background helps her run interior design projects as they need a keen eye for numbers and a meticulous nature.

Her previous life in property development and management plays an important part in successfully managing projects and her nomadic lifestyle, having lived in France and Russia and the UK, lets her easily adjust to changing circumstances.

As a child, she dreamt of being an artist which translated into a passion for interiors with each room being a place of wonder. Human creativity amazes and goes beyond the boundaries of what we see as possible. She realised that using pieces produced by other designers, artisans and artists to create wonderful interiors was equally satisfying.

She likes to explore the worlds’ design hotels and dreams of designing a deco boutique hotel herself.

Her current plans… to launch a collection of ready-made style concepts for terraced houses and to apply for a design award.

Olga started in Art College training as an artist-decorator which led to creating unique shop fronts for clients.

With a second degree in Interior Design and Architectural Environment she moved into branding as a project manager delivering the interior component of brand identity to commercial clients including banks, airlines and fashion boutiques.

Olga is a people person who listens intently and communicates with ease to tease out exactly what a client wants. She instinctively knows what will work and says her superpower is predicting the future.

She uses her love of the outdoors and food to fuel her creativity and says if she is left alone in a room you’ll come back to find it decluttered and probably repainted…

She dreams to work internationally designing for a hotel chain like Relais and Chateaux.