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About Krikla - Interior design services in London


Quite simply, we believe in solutions. Not many can afford the services of their own interior designer, and yet, an awareness of design and a yearning for a beautiful and comfortable home are increasing.

And while refurbishing a home may seem like an exciting project at first, it can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. This is, in fact, how we first came across the idea for our business.

We were both working as independent interior designers when a friend of ours bought a small but lovely flat in Marylebone, hired a building team and got to work fixing the place up.

Soon her excitement turned to angst. What began as a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration quickly turned to overwhelm at the endless choices and increasing questions.

“What should I buy?”

“Will they go together?”

“Where do I source them from?”

“And where do I find the time for all of this?!”

To make matters worse, she needed to move into her new home in only a few weeks, since paying rent for her current flat and her mortgage simply wasn’t an option.

She had searched for affordable interior designers in London, but none were able to help her with her tiny budget. Even we were used to charging by the hour or by square meter.

She only had £600 and was desperate for our help. What could we do with £600? This seemed ridiculous. But then our mindset changed… Perhaps we should try? We simply needed to create a solution for £600. And so, we did…

This is how we came to offer affordable interior design services in London.

We simply changed our perspective and how we approach the role of an interior designer. There has been an overall shift in the design industry, one where interior design has become increasingly popular. While many cannot afford dedicated interior design services, there are those who would like to pay for interior design expertise and hire us as consultants.

At Krikla we are co-authors in creating your dream story. We help you to verbalise and visualise your ideal interior space. We match chosen or existing pieces while balancing creativity and professionalism. We make use of the ingredients we’ve been given to create a dish that is both tasteful and flavoursome.


We look forward to helping you realise your dream home.


Yours truly,