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About Krikla - Interior design services in London


We have noticed a huge shift in the design industry recently, one where design has become very popular.

Talented designers ( we weren’t an exception some time ago 🙂 ) have the same mindset as artists. They create beautiful pieces of art (called your interior) and feel very let down when someone less knowledgeable comes along and tries to correct it but ruins the whole concept.

This actually feels like a national disaster to them!

To be an artist is great because you can sell your pieces of artwork for the going rate of a new car! But when it comes to creating a custom space for a busy family, where the house is organised, comfortable and beautiful, there is a conflict to justify the price. It’s all about understanding the value differently (the artwork for some and simple beauty with comfort for others)

Coming back to the topic of design popularity, we were trying to shift our mindset of how Interior Designers work with their clients today. They should not be seen as just being an artist but more of a consultant that can offer advice and then allow their client to make their own choices.

You can call them a co-author, the person helping their client verbalise and visualise their ideal interior space. They match together chosen or existing pieces while balancing creativity and professionalism. Using other people’s “ingredients” in what we call the “sauce cooker”. It’s like creating a recipe with whatever ingredients you are given and then learning to make a magical dish that is both TASTEFUL and FLAVOURSOME.


While working as independent interior designers, a friend of ours needed our help. She had bought a small but lovely flat in Marylebone, hired a building team and everything seemed to be very promising in the beginning.

There was the excitement related to the new acquisition, a new hope for her future quality of life. Wind of creativity, when sourcing for inspirations. We’ve all been there?

But suddenly what should have been a pleasurable experience turned out being a torturous one and depression soon replaced her excitement.  Why?

Her choices were endless…” What to pick? And will they go together? Where do I source them? And most importantly where do I find the time to do all of this?”

She was concerned about so many things… “How am I supposed to enjoy my home improvement at all when I can’t relax? I have so many unresolved decisions to make that are just backlogging in an endless queue!   I must give notice to my landlord and I am supposed to be moving in, in 3 weeks. But I can’t actually stay on because the mortgage and the rent together do not fit my pocket anymore”

We faced a very big challenge. Her budget = £600 –“that is all I can pay you ladies. Please help me”.

What could we do with £600? This seemed ridiculous. (We priced as everyone else did at that time hourly or by square meter).

But then our mindset changed… Perhaps we should try? We simply need to create a solution for £600.

And we did.

Now we can confidently say no matter what the challenge is, there is always a solution.


Yours truly,