Eclectic house of the month – an Artist’s Apartment

We were lucky enough to have a photo session in London based artist Dina Varpahovsky’s flat in Hampstead. This space where Dina lives and makes her art represents her creative personality and acts as a guide of her tastes and life in general.

Dina was born and raised in St. Petersburg, the former capital of Russia famous for its communal apartments. The artist was inspired by these big spaces with their corridors and multiple rooms and all different sorts of objects. In her London interior space, Dina has taken random objects to make three-dimensional collages. The beauty comes from an inconsistency of objects.

As time passed, the space evolved, Dina was always collecting from furniture to objects, assembling the pieces to make her space. It was not an immediate process, but rather there was a very organic building of the flat’s character.

Eventually, this flat came to accommodate the growing family. Dina’s partner Ed Saye who is also an artist, brought in lots of new features and pieces including his own artworks. As well, we were charmed by the two-year old’s artful mess. We did not attempt to tidy up, as it looked absolutely fabulous. An artful eclectic space at its best.

Dina Varpahovsky


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