We offer different packages of interior design that are affordable to our customers and with 100% efforts in each one of them.








No, Kirkla’s approach is client-centric. We design for your tastes, not ours. Our previous successes show that we’re versatile and creative in our approach.

Of course. We’ll discuss your specific needs, and provide you with the best option. If none of our packages suit you, we’re happy to provide you with a tailored proposal.

No, we don’t. Simply send us photographs, and accurate measurements. We can video chat, too. We’ll work to your needs, and determine the best approach to create a space that’s unique to you.

Of course. Our philosophy is to create a space that’s tailored to you. We want to highlight design elements that flatter the space, and we’re happy to honour any existing features that you would like to keep.

Yes, we are. Don’t worry about the logistics. Simply relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.